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If GVM, GCM, ATM and all other weight measurements for your vehicle, trailer or caravan makes you say WTF!!

Weighboss can assist you by providing you a clearer understanding of vehicle and trailer weights so you can determine if your vehicle and towing set up is legal and safe.

It is estimated that over 70% of vehicle and tow set ups are overweight it is more than likely your set up is in this statistics and if caught out will more than likely receive a fine and loose some demerit points.

Weighboss, offers a mobile weighing services to the Far North West region.  We can weigh your vehicle, trailer caravan or other items to give you a better understanding of you overall weights and balance.

We offer a range of options when it comes to weight checking starting as low as $49 for a basic tow ball weigh or Full Vehicle and Tow Package weight check for $249.  We can come to you for as low as $50 extra. (Limited time only as an introductory offer the Full Vehicle and Tow Package will be $200)

So, what have you got to lose, you will get a better understanding of your vehicle, trailer, or caravan weights today!

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Should I weigh my Vehicle, Trailer or Caravan

Not knowing your actual weights is not an excuse, so "Yes", you should have your vehicle and Trailer/Caravan weighed to ensure your tow set up is within the weight limits, is balanced and is safe. 

Statics show one of the leading causes of caravan related accidents is due to overweight trailers/caravans, or caravans that have the incorrect weight distribution.

The other good reason to ensure you are within your weight limits is the savings. There are large fines more than $500 and loss of demerit points if you are caught with an overweight Vehicle, Trailer or Caravan.

Weighboss can weight your vehicle, Trailer or Caravan to give you a full report on all the different weights and where the weight is located, giving you full understanding of current weights and balance. 

Armed with this information you will know if you are safe and legal or what changes will need to be made to your set up to make it safe and legal.


What are all the terms for weights??

GVM:  is gross vehicle mass. This is the maximum your car weigh, including passengers, and payload, your tow ball is calculated into this weight. This is set by the manufacturer and is illegal to exceed.

Tare Weight: This is the mass of your caravan or vehicle with nothing in it. The correct weight is determined by manufacturer’s specifications.

Kerb Weight: Is the weight determined by the manufacturer’s specification, but it will include fuel and coolant in your Vehicle.

ATM: is aggregate trailer mass - This rating the maximum weight your trailer/caravan can weight and is set by the manufacturer and it is against the law if you exceed it.

GTM:  is gross trailer mass and is the same as above for your caravan. It does not include the portion of the weight which will be supported by the tow bar or the jockey wheel.

TBM: is tow ball mass which is exerted on the tow ball once your caravan is hitched to your vehicle.

GCM: Is the combined maximum gross mass of your Caravan and your vehicle it should be between 10 to 15% of your GTM. Too heavy and it affects your steering, too light increasing trailer or caravan sway.

Payload Allowance: Is the difference of your GVM Stated by Manufacture and what your vehicle weighs. The more accessories affect this allowance so knowing what your vehicle weighs rather than the stated kerb weight from the manufacture, gives you a more accurate measurement of your payload allowance.

Contact Travis on 0439 437 000 to book an appointment or enquire more on our services.